Building Cultural Infrastructure In The Blockchain Age

Friday 13 January

2:00 pm

The Web 3.0 ecosystem has accelerated explorations and developments of art practices engaged with emerging technologies and mediums. In introducing and re-emphasising new modes and pathways of art-making and art-sharing, the blockchain ecosystem has also prompted further experimentations on how our cultural infrastructures could be challenged and updated in a truly digital age. This session brings together three key opinion leaders who are building across different areas of this emerging cultural landscape to shed some insights into what this new world could be. Speakers: Elroy Cheo – Co-founder, ARC Steven Sacks – Founder/Director, bitforms DarrenSRS – Collector; Core member, Team 6529 Moderated by: Clara Che Wei Peh – Founder, NFT Asia, Curator (Digital)

Elroy Cheo – Co-founder, ARC

Elroy spent his early career navigating the world of agriculture commodities, helping to expand his family’s business into new markets. He worked to set up the distribution ecosystem across international markets including challenging territories like China, the US and Russia, building connections and the distribution strategy from the ground-up. At its height, the business was one of the leading Asian suppliers to the US market.
He then pivoted his focus to China’s fast-growing property market during its boom. He focused his time on an extensive city development project in Hangzhou, connecting the right partners and navigating China’s multifaceted property market. The project was part of
China’s plans to make Hangzhou a key fashion capital and magnet for China’s emerging and top designers, putting the city onto the global fashion map.
Upon returning to Singapore after a decade overseas, Elroy has spent the last few years immersing himself in the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs. He has now combined his
understanding of crypto with his personal passion for using Web3 tools to create better digital products and experiences. The architect of the community, Elroy is lead designer of the ARC experience from community interactions and content to its user interface and its technology backbone.

Steven Sacks – Founder/Director, bitforms

Steve is the founder and director of bitforms gallery in New York and San Francisco. For over 20 years the gallery has been a leader in digital, internet and new

media art. The gallery advocates and supports media art, representing artists who push into the boundaries of this territory, including Refik Anadol, Casey Reas, Aureia Harvey, Quayola, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Daniel Rozin, Marina Zurkow, Manfred Mohr, among others. Steven is an expert in the new media landscape and its evolving nature, as well as an authority on collecting and preserving digital art.

DarrenSRS – Collector; Core member, Team 6529

DarrenSRS is a core member of enigmatic NFT thought leader Punk6529’s team, and contributes to the 6529 NFT Fund as well as the Open Metaverse (OM) project. Having been active in the blockchain and digital collectible space since 2016, he has built a reputation in the art NFT space for being an inspiring figure, and has brought over 3,000 individual artists represented by over 40 global art NFT communities into the OM metaverse project by Punk6529. He hosts a regular twitter podcast titled “The Metaverse Show” which has featured guests speakers from Sotheby’s, NFT Asia, Wild x Free, Art Unchained, Art2Act, TokenTraxx as well as multiple renowned collectors in the art NFT space.

Clara Che Wei Peh – Founder, NFT Asia, Curator (Digital)

Clara Che Wei Peh is the Art Lead and Curator at Appetite, a transdisciplinary research and practice site in Singapore. Clara is also the Founder of NFT Asia, a digital-native art collective. She holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art, and her current research focuses on the intersections of art and the economy, especially relating to emerging technologies.

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