Exhibition Review: “Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound”

ART SG reviews ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound’, an exhibition which brings together 32 of the world’s leading contemporary sound artists to the ArtScience Museum. The show, which runs from 28 August 2021 – 2 January 2022, invites visitors to tune in, listen deeply, feel the vibrations and create their own personal soundtrack as they journey through a sonic landscape.

Exhibition Review: “A Minor History”

ART SG reviews “A Minor History”, a powerful critique of Thailand’s current political landscape from multi-award winning film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, which runs from 19 August – 14 November at Bangkok’s 100 Tonson Foundation.


The 2021 Thailand Biennale, titled Butterflies Frolicking on the Mud: Engendering Sensible Capital, will take place in the Northeastern Thai city of Korat from December 18, 2021 – March 31, 2022. ART SG speaks to Artistic Director Yuko Hasegawa about her curatorial process, facilitating collaborations between artists and locals, and the contemporary art scene in Thailand and the region.

A Conversation with Shubigi Rao and Ute Meta Bauer

Artist Shubigi Rao and curator Ute Meta Bauer will represent Singapore at the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia , which runs from 23 April 2022 to 27 November 2022. The team will mark Singapore’s 10th year participating in one of the biggest exhibitions in the art world. Art SG speaks to Shubigi Rao and Ute Meta Bauer on being selected for the Singapore pavilion.

Exhibition Review: “The Gift”

ART SG reviews “The Gift”, a curio of an exhibition that stems from an ongoing transnational collaborative project by the Goethe-Institut. The exhibition offers a slow burn into the idea of convergences over artistic expression and exchanges.

ART SG Portraits: Kray Chen

“The body to me is like a vessel that records experience, so by looking at the body and attempting to unpack these actions, we can then examine the bigger social context that caused the action in the first place.”


“A lot of my artworks incorporate objects both found and also ready-made, and these objects are mostly acquired from the vicinity of my neighbourhood, Boon Lay in Singapore. My works have a tendency to appear very extravagant, but I think this kind of visual language, which references again, the language of excess, is very much inspired or borrowed from these lived experiences of people who fall under the working class demographic.”

Review of New World’s End and a conversation with Alan Oei

New World’s End walks us through the storied streets of Jalan Besar in Singapore, marrying encounters with art in unexpected sites and spaces. ART SG reviews this audio tour, and speaks to Artistic Director Alan Oei about art and storytelling in the city.


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